Honor Oak Group Practice Adopts ‘Care Navigation’ to Improve Patient Access and Reduce Waiting Times Care Navigation is a ‘Win, Win’ for every patient”

Honor Oak Group Practice –28th October 2019.  A major new initiative by the Honor Oak Group Practice will reduce waiting times for patients to see an appropriate clinician and free up time for the GPs to spend more time with those patients with more complex needs.

The Care Navigation initiative, which is being successfully rolled out to GP Practices across the UK as part of the NHS’s Forward View Strategy, has involved GP Receptionists at Honor Oak receiving enhanced training in the additional skill of Care Navigation – helping their patients by signposting them to the right clinician for their needs, with the least possible delay.

Dr Michael Uti, the senior GP Partner at Honor Oak, is enthusiastic about the Care Navigation initiative. “It is a major benefit for patients and will reduce waiting times”, he said. “While all our patients will still be able to see a GP if they wish to, around a quarter of our patients don’t actually need to be seen by a doctor. Their needs can often be safely and more effectively met by one of the other highly skilled clinicians within our Practice. As a result, patients get to see the right clinician for their needs with the least possible delay, and our GPs get to spend more time with patients who really need their expertise and experience.  Care Navigation is a ‘Win, Win’ for every patient at Honor Oak”.

How Care Navigation works

When a patient calls the Practice, the qualified Care Navigator will ask for a brief outline of the problem so they can identify the patient’s needs, working to an approved checklist so the Care Navigator isn’t put in a position where she/he has to make any decisions that they are not qualified for. 

The Care Navigator will then refer to information about services provided by other clinical experts in the Practice, or other NHS providers such as Pharmacists and Physiotherapists. The Care Navigators are also able to provide information and refer patients to children’s centres, health and wellbeing services, services for carers, sexual health services and a wide variety of local voluntary groups.

In about a quarter of all cases, and where appropriate, the Care Navigator will then offer the patient an appointment to one of these services – to help the patient get the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Patients can still opt to see a GP, and if they choose to do so they will be booked an appointment with the GP in the normal way.


For more information about the Honor Oak Care Navigation initiative, please call Ms Veeru Rajamuthiah, Practice Manager at Honor Oak Group Practice on 0203 049 2345 or email her at lewccg.g85089-general@nhs.net